Romance, Block Style

While this does fall into the category Saccharine Cutesy-wootsy, I'm still rather proud of my sculpture, "Smoochers", presented to Carole  on Christmas morning.

Note the correct eye colour and correction for height using the old tippy-toe-on-shoe technique. Many of the pieces are dented with my eight-year-old toothmarks.

Now if only slight gusts of wind, such as those from an exhale from twenty paces, didn't disintegrate the thing.

Archived Comments

  1. Meandering Michael on 20110114.Friday:
    You need to get some parental warnings on this blog!
  2. Dave on 20110114.Friday:
    Right you are... WARNING: Beware of parents. But seriously, just wait until I unveil "The Snugglers."
  3. Fawn on 20110114.Friday:
    I love it! You've got to use it as a prop in your soon-to-be play. If you glue it all together, who cares if it falls over? Because why would you ever want to take it apart? Awww.
  4. Darren on 20110114.Friday:
    My wife commented "I hope that wasn't his main Christmas gift". I don't know why she would say that...
  5. Dave on 20110114.Friday:
    Fawn: Glue? Lego? Never!
  6. Dave on 20110114.Friday:
    Darren: In return I got an iPod. A fair trade, considering how long it took me to find those @%#* 1×3 green arm blocks in my Lego tub.
  7. Carole on 20110115.Saturday:
    I'm surprised he didn't mention the "placement of the boobs" which is something he pointed out to me after mentioning the eye colour and height thing. But then again, he didn't have the parental warning.
  8. Dave on 20110115.Saturday:
    I models 'em like I sees 'em.