Haven’t been writing ‘cause Twitter emptied my brain.

The reason that I write -- from blog posts to shortest fiction to spiky bits of stage plays -- is because my mind conceives new ideas on an incessant schedule. Most of these -- especially the novel ground beef and noodle recipes -- are better left unrecorded, but the remaining few clatter about my skull like roosters in a cement mixer (yet another grand idea!).

I've found that the only way to quiet the bedlam is to write down the ideas as they come. That simple act clears them from my head, allowing me to get back to my napping. I suspect many writers suffer the same affliction.

For years, this blog served as that release. Lately though, Twitter has taken over. As fortune would have it, most of my ideas can be expressed in no more than 140 characters.

So, on a nearly daily basis, my tweets have been emptying my brain, leaving this poor blog neglected. I must work to correct that.

And now, having emptied my brain of the "Twitter emptied my brain" idea, I feel refreshed and ready for a noodly burger breakfast.

Archived Comments

  1. Meandering Michael on 20110419.Tuesday:
    Mmmm.... noodly burger breakfast....
  2. Dave on 20110419.Tuesday:
    Mmmm indeed. And then you add the cheese...
  3. Stephen on 20110712.Tuesday:
    Twitter will be the death of civilization! It has made stars out of Paris Hilton and Ashton Kutcher: is that not one of the signs of the apocalypse?!? Who ARE these people? Twits? What's a Kardashian?!? Dave - will you be entering this upper echelon of the twit-verse? Will I see you on TMZ, getting out of a limo... commando? It's the end of days... Sigh. I'm old. I knew when "the rap music" passed me by, it was all over... damn you twitterings with your Lady Goo-Goo!
  4. Dave on 20110713.Wednesday:
    @stephen: so sry, but stopped reading after the 140th character. kthxbye. #herpderp
  5. Stephen on 20110714.Thursday:
    Hey - I have a design question for the panel: how are those avatar-tiles-thingies assigned when you first login to make a comment? I notice that your avatar-tiles-thingy looks like a crudely drawn version of Dino from the Flinstones while mine looks like some Islamic mosaic tile piece that, I'm going to bet, is putting me on some US Homeland Security alert list. And, if I stare at it long enough, I begin to see the face of Jesus... Or it might be Tina Turner in "Thunderdome" - they're surprisingly similar. Inquiring minds...
  6. Dave on 20110714.Thursday:
    Oh, that thing. Sheesh, what a n00b you are. It's called a Gravatar. You sign up for one using your e-mail address. You can use any picture or icon or picture of an icon or icon of a picture or a fancy sunburst high dynamic range photograph of a picture of an icon, ... IANAL, but I'd nevertheless and heretofore avoid icons of pictures of icons that look like silhouettes of fruit with a bite missing.