Ingram’s Progress, July 2011

Nestled between Arkell and McIntyre, Ingram is Whitehorse's latest subdivision to begin construction. Formerly thirteen hectares of lovely dog walking paths, it will soon be an approved-shade-of-brown vinyl sided mass of housing sardined into a wedge of asphalted runways.

However, given Whitehorse's miserly vacancy rate and an average property value that is clawing its way to $400,000, I suppose I can walk a little farther so that a few more people have a place to call home. They'll have to borrow though, as the price for just one measly slice of unfinished land is about double what I paid for my whole place ten years ago.

Since I stroll though the area twice each day, I'm quite familiar with the progress of the development, including the interior layout of most of the unfinished houses. For anyone else that is curious, here are a couple of panoramic shots of the subdivision. Click the photos to view the full panoramas interactively.

Ingram East

Note the first of many, many tire burns around the traffic circle.

Ingram West

Check out the three-storey "ode to a Saskatchewan grain elevator."