The [arbitrary date range] in Review

I've just now realized that I've been blogging for five years plus a smidge. So, this seems like an opportune time to look back over the two-hundred-and-then-some posts and update any stale announcements and also see whether any of my predictions have come to pass.

Apache and the case of the spurious permission snafu was hands-down the least interesting thing I've ever written on-line, and yet the problem it discusses keeps cropping up: as recently as a month ago on my new Mac desktop when I set up a local webserver.

Only slightly more interesting, but responsible for an astounding percentage of traffic to my blog, were these unnotable entries: The letter L. How do you spell that?How do you spell Queue?Here’s your damned Yukon Blackout Map Mashup.How to convert a website’s content into simple text files. (by far the biggest hit), The Making of a Simile., and I must confess that I can only follow the diagrammed steps to the Time Warp… (mainly from folks searching for Riff Raff).

Cheechako's is still The. Most. Wonderful. Yukon. Web. Page. Evar. Just click and watch the awesomeness.

I still get most of my readers from Urban Yukon. The automatic link from Facebook or occasional tweet also seems to help.

My hot-and-cold relationship with Yukon College is cold at the moment, but scheduled to re-heat come September. I think it's safe to say that the College will never, ever attempt to hire me again for a full-time or permanent position, and that's okay by me: Back to work at school. Breaking a half of two rules.For the first time in many a year, tomorrow is not a school day., No, seriously. BIG-TIME IT contracting opportunities at the College.Perspective Shift, and Manager no more.

In the Burying The Lede category, I announced my marriage ninth on the list after eggrolls and meatballs.

Aside from the weather, I'm freakishly obsessed with my furnace: on, off, on, off, and on (with sparks).

Still waiting for the States to completely Jump the Shark. Mortgages haven't completely melted down either.

I am still soapless after a year and a half with no apparent harm to anyone but Procter & Gamble.

I have predicted the future of Social Networking. Unless Google+ catches on. But what are the odds?

Ye olde safety razor is a pleasure to use and I spend maybe a quarter of what I used to on blades.

The Dyson vacuum is really amazing. It picks up everything and only needs a filter wash every few months. It's too big to roll under most furniture, and the attachment hose is downright cranky, but otherwise it's a shinbone happystance glazierino, pappy. (I'm fresh out of superlatives.)

See you in five years, ere the Eon of Robotic Hegemony and the 3.1th Coming of the CyberChrist.