2011 was the year too momentous to blog. 2012 will be more so, but I’ll try anyway.

Ferocious puppy, Linux to Mac, both Koreas with a side of mid-earthquake Japan, iStuff, kitchen and living room renovations, new Korean sister-in-law, visiting nephew, secret missions to Vancouver, too many College jobs to count (or file paperwork for), back spasms and nerve pinches, French classes, and on and on and on. Virtually all of it unblogged.

With the single exception of vowing to never bite my fingernails in the mid-80s, none of my New Year's resolutions have ever stuck, so I won't bother promising to post at a more regular pace in 2012. However, given the mass of material I've accumulated from this past year, and what's expected to come, there's simply no excuse not to.

Archived Comments

  1. Geof Harries on 20120101.Sunday:
    What the, you actually switched full-time from LInux to Mac? I thought it was an iPod just "for the start-up". Speaking of which, how's that big idea of yours coming along?
  2. Dave on 20120101.Sunday:
    Oh no, it's all Mac all the time hereabouts, modulo some servers that will remain *NIX-ified. There's a never-ending sequence of big ideas. At this point, I think I'll simply blog them and hope someone else takes up the cause.
  3. Stephen The King on 20120112.Thursday:
    But your last entry for 2011 was furnace related. Hmmm. I was hoping you'd start 2012 out with a bang and update us on your refrigerator or stove.
  4. Dave on 20120112.Thursday:
    Or maybe what's baking in the oven...