Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-01

  • It's a family tradition to give candy that you either detest or are allergic to as gifts: the recipient needn't worry about pilfering. #
  • Given a hot chicken 'n stuffing sandwich with home-fried poutine and gravy galore, I vote for skipping straight to leftovers next Christmas. #
  • Up before the dawn -- not a challenging feat in late-December Yukon. #
  • Why are atoms mostly empty space? Simon Pegg assists in a very digestible explanation: #

Archived Comments

  1. Kelly on 20120101.Sunday:
    Happy New Year, Dave!
  2. Dave on 20120101.Sunday:
    And a Happy New Year to you too! Although I usually eschew resolutions, I did think up a corker involving licorice and fibre optics.
  3. Kelly on 20120102.Monday:
    Licorice and fibre optics? Maybe I'll figure it out eventually.
  4. Dave on 20120103.Tuesday:
    Just wait until the world sees my patented laser twizzler!