I’ve Joined the 2012 Yukon Blog Carnival

Fellow Urban Yukon-er Amanda McDonald has encouraged us erstwhile bloggers to get off our duffs and blog for a month. I was in need of a good duff lift, since I haven't managed to post much beyond an echoed Twitter feed in some time.

So, in the spirit of the carnival, I will attempt the following:

  • Post at least twice a week, not including Twitter nonsense, and
  • Occasionally address this year's carnival theme: Blogging in 2012.

In theory, this particular month should provide much blog fodder as we're expecting a baby any day now, with maximum ejection probability around mid-month.

Here we go...

Archived Comments

  1. Gord Bradshaw on 20120602.Saturday:
    May I suggest June 17th? Not precisely mid-month, but I believe there are bonus points for it being father's Day...
  2. Dave on 20120603.Sunday:
    That's actually the target date. Although if he comes a day early, that will give him time to get down to the hardware shop and pick up something for dear old dad.