What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-06-03

  • Something so endearing, and yet side-splitting, in watching a two-week-from-term pregnant woman wrestle a body pillow into place each night. #
  • Even though I'm familiar with the background story, "Hard-boiled egg found in coyote" is just such an awesome headline. http://t.co/71ajbDIH #
  • ...Actually, the subtitle, "How the hard-boiled egg got into the coyote’s stomach remains a mystery" is doubly awesome. #
  • APIs are not copyrightable. Huzzah! Can we just kill intellectual property now and be done with it? http://t.co/2nUt9Zcg #

Archived Comments

  1. Kara on 20120603.Sunday:
    I am pretty sure that first tweet could get you beaten by your wife! ahaah
  2. Dave on 20120603.Sunday:
    Yes, but fortunately I can use the body pillow as a shield.
  3. Carole on 20120603.Sunday:
    Hahaha! I have better ways at getting back at him. (Evil laugh)