Now THIS is what I call a non-refundable tax credit: Henri-Georges Denis Rogers

"ah-REE jorj duh-NEE RAW-djers"

Or, just "Henry-George Dennis Rogers" for the maudit anglos in the audience. He was named Henri after my late father, Denis after his mother's uncle and my step-father, and Georges after Henri.

Of course, none of this would've been possible had not been available. In that case I would've insisted on "Wilco" so that his phone listing would've been "Rogers, Wilco". There's nothing the early twenty-first century generation will appreciate more than a telephone book gag.

* * *

People have been asking what it's like to have a new baby. I say it's about the same as bringing home a turkey-weight PEZ dispenser: cartoonish outsized head, floppy neck, and filled with bricks of delicious Pfefferminz.

Henri-Georges--which has become such a mouthful that some of the family have resorted to "Rijo"--arrived shortly after midnight on June 16th and tipped the scales at a trim 8 pounds and zero ounces*. That corresponds to a rather spindly BMI of just 11.1. Better get you some Weight Gain 4000, Rijo. Beefcake!

*Apparently only babies and lumber are still measured in imperial units.

Yet more fodder for the 16th birthday public slide show.

* * *

As so many others have commented, the maternity unit at Whitehorse General is truly outstanding. Sadly, I didn't make it through any of the VHS tapes in our room so obviously placed for nervous dads: Slapshot, Rush Hour 2, and part one of LOTR.

In fact, the experience went a long way towards brightening my opinion of hospitals. I no longer solely think of them as gigantic industrial laundry automatons that rely on the leaking juices of the ill to justify their terrible existence.

* * *

Even though we received him only once, he came equipped with some forty-three "receiving" blankets. Good thing too, as he squirts through about seventeen of them a day.

* * *

I think it's fair to say that his mother and I are more than moderately enthused about our new houseguest. So long as he pays his own way and picks up after himself, there shouldn't be any trouble at all.

Archived Comments

  1. Doug Rutherford on 20120702.Monday:
    Wait until you find out they actually expect to be fed every day. And more than once, too....
  2. Dave on 20120702.Monday:
    So far, he's expecting to be fed about eleven times a day. Fortunately, Carole came equipped with a whole nutrition manufacturing system. Two of them, actually.
  3. Gord Bradshaw on 20120702.Monday:
    Dave and Carole I can't think of anything to say that you haven't already heard, so here are the repeats: I'm very happy for the three of you, and wish you all the good luck and health you can handle. Oh! June 16th! My daughter was born that very day 27 years ago - maybe you haven't heard _that_! Cheers Gord
  4. Dave on 20120704.Wednesday:
    Thanks, Gord. Now we can plan dual birthday parties. I wonder if G&P will let us bring in a ball pit and a bouncy castle.
  5. Jane on 20120705.Thursday:
    Wonderful news, great name, and pics! Love and congratulations all round!
  6. Gran on 20120709.Monday:
    More pictures! Not enought pictures!!!!!
  7. Geof Harries on 20120723.Monday:
    Hooray! Congrats to you and Carole.
  8. Dave on 20120723.Monday:
    Thanks, Geof. You're my exemplar in all this: someone who does fascinating tech work but still has a lot of time to devote to family.