What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-09-02

  • I just had a Celebrity Triple shiver down my spine. One more Armstrong will make the news today. Billie Joe? Louis? Stretch? #
  • "4am and ready for the flight out of Timmins" is not a chart-topping country hit from #Shania ... yet. #
  • #YYZ #039;s change-table washrooms are a godsend for clumsy diaper-changing dads. #
  • The enRoute magazine people must dream of an issue so fascinating and popular that folks will buy airplane tickets just to get a copy. #
  • Today's #YTS - #YYZ - #YVR - #YXY 16-hour layoverathon is just about done. Just one more hop up north to complete the tour. #
  • OMG! I found the hidden Tim Hortons in #YVR Never again will I be forced to argue cup sizes with Starbucks coffee slingers. #
  • Something in my subconscious assumes that, once I've spilled crumbs on my #Kindle simply "turning" the page will forever hide the evidence. #
  • Be it ever so humble, chilly, rainy--and according to some, filled with nuthin' but cars and trucks--there's no place like a #Yukon home. #