What He Tweeted for the week ending 2012-09-09

  • How exactly does "leading or elected" mean anything for a riding with 3 out of 215 polls reporting? #quebecelection #
  • Yikes! Frightening conclusion of Pauline Marois's victory speech. Gunman in the street outside? #PleaseNotInCanada #
  • There was also a fire outside of Marois's victory party? And here we all thought that the Quebec election was already newsworthy. #qc2012 #
  • Translating my last RT: At midnight, a 50-year-old shot 2 people, both in critical condition. He's been arrested. #
  • Meanwhile, as if anyone cares anymore tonight, the PQ are down to 54 seats, the Liberals up to 50. #qc2012 #
  • Loitering at Yukon College's Admissions desk, as a last ditch effort to have people sign up for my course. So far, none too successful. #
  • Okay, Candy Corn Oreos. Sure... What? Artificially flavoured?!? The deuce, you say! http://t.co/zXFsd3b5 #