Chopped Blog

I think a small part of the reason I haven't written much lately is that I had grown weary of this blog's Facebook-like cram-it-in-a-blue-box visual design.

So, I stripped it down to just about the bare minimum, loosely basing its new look on a WordPress theme called Clear. Now the words have elbow room. Space to breathe. Lebensraum, you might even furtively whisper.

Customizing a WordPress theme is a tedious process, and while I'm not done yet, I'll pretend I am for the moment. Ta Da!

For reference, the old gal used to look like this:

For those without a clear understanding of the F5 or ⌘R keys, the blog might still look like this.

Archived Comments

  1. Fawn on 20110611.Saturday:
    Nice! Hmmm, I might need to hire you to help me fix up my music site, also hosted on WordPress. It looks good to me, but doesn't work for all screen sizes.
  2. Dave on 20110611.Saturday:
    I agree. On the iPod Touch's display, the singing lady's eyes are too small to follow me around the room. They need to be big and googley at all resolutions.
  3. Stephen on 20110618.Saturday:
    I like it - you have a future on HGTV... just practise saying, "Clean lines! Minimalist! Zen-like! A blank canvas! A clean palette!" You'll need some throw cushions and a debonair/haughty attitude. Really tight pants wouldn't hurt either.
  4. Dave on 20110620.Monday:
    In my experience, really tight pants do hurt. Although, a modest selection of pastel throw pillows might dull the pain somewhat.