Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

By my count, I've quit jobs at Yukon College twice before. So the fact that I start teaching a class this afternoon must mean that I'm a very bad quitter.

"Poor quitting skills," it reads on my permanent file. "Shows a marked inability to resign, abdicate, decamp, vacate, withdraw, knock off, terminate, desist, or just plain give over already. Criminy."

My yo-yo relationship with the College makes it a little unnerving to enter the building. Fortunately, I have a course to absorb all of my attention. It's well within my competency to teach one or two courses. Beyond that, the Peter Principle takes effect.

So, while it is true that I am wholly and singularly to blame for any and all mistakes made before and because I quit, I take heart that I am not to blame for the many more mistakes that would've surely been made had I not quit. I mean, had I not quit that second time, after that first time I quit but before I unquit the time before this. Or something.